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The goTenna EdgeRelay is a new endurance-focused, multi-network support capability for goTenna Pro X2 operators.

“Being able to relay and remotely deal with issues is a critical one. It allows for timely responses and eliminates the need for manual on-site interventions that may take hours or days to address.” — Carla Provost, Former Chief of U.S Border Patrol and Homeland Security Expert.

Made in the USA, the goTenna EdgeRelay covers two goTenna mesh networks persistently and features environmental ruggedization, external charging options to extend onboard power, and varied mounting support to ensure sustained operational coverage without expensive and cumbersome installations.

Please fill out the form below to access the goTenna EdgeRelay data sheet and learn more about its unique features and technical specifications.

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Tavi Klein

Tavi Klein

Tavi Klein is a Marketing Specialist at goTenna. He is also a writer for In The Mesh, a mobile mesh networking publication. Tavi is a graduate of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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