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Now including a removable and ruggedized Samsung tablet, the goTenna Pro Deployment Kit 2 (goKit 2) can be used as an off-grid mobile command center to provide unprecedented situational awareness at the tactical edge. For more details or to request a virtual or in-person demo, visit:

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MilitaryResource Center

By simply deploying a goTenna Pro X2 device with each tactical operator involved in the military freefall exercise, users can track each other on a map or send messages at a 5-second Position, Location, Information (PLI) rate. There are more benefits to mobile mesh for military freefall than simply providing

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Water drop during wildland fire response
Resource CenterWildland Fire

“In terms of knowing exactly where our wildland firefighters are, that’s currently a very rare thing we’re able to do.” — Brad Schmidt, Wildland Fire Project Manager, Colorado Center of Excellence for Advanced Technology Aerial Firefighting quoted on KKCO News in 2020. Radios in use today haven’t changed much since

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Mesh network bringing situational awareness to border security
Emergency ResponseLaw EnforcementResource Center

Recent advances in the curation of geospatial data and technology have made it possible to understand strategic areas of interest in more detail than ever before. Data democratization and machine learning are paving the way for analysts to monitor exactly how busy locations are at different times and what this

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This Image depicts the differences between goTenna Mesh and goTenna Pro X. goTenna Pro X is used for emergency response, public safety, Military, and law enforcement. goTenna Mesh is used for recreational activities such as hiking, camping, or attending events with large crowds.
Emergency ResponseLaw EnforcementMilitaryResource Center

goTenna Mesh is designed for your personal use during outdoor trips, international travel, emergency preparedness, festivals, and crowded events. Check the full tech specs for goTenna Mesh here.  Meanwhile, goTenna Pro X is designed for professional teams who require a product that is more powerful, operational, and ruggedized than goTenna

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View from a Tough Stump Tech Rodeo Test - goTenna Pro X positioning
Emergency ResponseMilitaryResource CenterWildland Fire

This eBook includes highlights from Tough Stump’s Tech Rodeo, an off-grid communications field test hosted by Tough Stump Technologies and Skybridge Tactical in September 2021. The goal of the event was to test ATOS, goTenna, Trellisware, Persistent Systems, and Domo Tactical equipment in an environment that encompassed distance, terrain elevation

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Dense forest testing ground in Michigan for goTenna Pro X range test for heavy canopy
Emergency ResponseResource CenterWildland Fire

Join Mike Gibbs, Senior Forward-Deployed Engineer at goTenna as he discusses his mesh network field test findings. During the test, his team was able to test goTenna Pro X mesh network range through moderate to heavy densities of vegetation at shoulder, canopy-level as well as above vegetation via a drone

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Emergency ResponseIndustrialResource CenterWildland Fire

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 presidential election, one of the biggest stories of 2020 is at risk of being forgotten. 2020 was the year of the wildland fire, and not just in the United States. The year began with the “Black Summer” bushfires burning across New

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Soldiers operating off the grid in austere environment
MilitaryResource Center

Today’s connectivity allows each person to extend their scope of awareness well beyond their immediate environment. Without being physically present in a location, we can know the weather, check traffic, and receive updated news from nearly anywhere in the world. Remote situational awareness (RSA) — the ability to perceive beyond

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Nonprofit infographic teaser showing that the most important reason why nonprofits need connectivity is team safety
Emergency ResponseResource Center

As communities around the globe work to close the digital divide, there are countless nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations that need to fill critical gaps in connectivity in order to operate safely and effectively now. During a live panel discussion “Navigating Connectivity in the Digital Divide,” we asked nonprofit professionals how

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