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Whitepaper | Integrating goTenna into USCG Deployable Specialized Forces Operations

The Department of Homeland Security/U.S. Coast Guard has a critical mission to safeguard the waters under U.S. jurisdiction, facing diverse threats, including criminal, terrorist, and hostile nation-state activities. Deployable Specialized Forces (DSFs) within the USCG are tasked with leading various mission areas, requiring secure communications and real-time awareness, especially in challenging environments with limited traditional communication options and electronic warfare threats. By utilizing goTenna technology, DSFs can establish encrypted, off-the-grid mesh networks over hundreds of miles, enhancing officer safety, force protection, operational security, and mission-wide resilience while also facilitating collaboration with other governmental and law enforcement agencies through common operating platforms.

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Tavi Klein

Tavi Klein

Tavi Klein is a Marketing Specialist at goTenna. He is also a writer for In The Mesh, a mobile mesh networking publication. Tavi is a graduate of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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