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Whitepaper | Integrating goTenna into Federal Emergency Management Agency Operations

Communication and situational awareness are critical to successfully manage all phases of emergency management. Responding and recovering from disasters in austere and hostile environments, where communications are almost certainly unavailable, disrupted, or destroyed, present unique emergency management challenges.

As dozens or even hundreds of government agencies conduct response and recovery operations, interoperability becomes complicated and challenges FEMA’s role in establishing communications and providing situational awareness to emergency managers and first responders.

Our latest whitepaper explains how FEMA and SLTT operational teams can leverage goTenna’s off-grid communication solutions to quickly create a common operating platform and an information-sharing environment for disaster recovery missions.

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Tavi Klein

Tavi Klein

Tavi Klein is a Marketing Specialist at goTenna. He is also a writer for In The Mesh, a mobile mesh networking publication. Tavi is a graduate of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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