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Mobile mesh technology aids New Jersey State Police raid of dog fighting ring

Effective communication and coordination can be the difference between success and failure in law enforcement missions, particularly in tactical operations such as fugitive apprehensions or busting criminal rings. In recent years, the integration of mobile mesh networking technology has revolutionized the ability of law enforcement agencies to maintain full situational awareness during complex operations, including those that involve multiple agencies and partners.

On April 2, 2024, law enforcement agencies leveraged off-grid mesh networking technology in a coordinated raid to dismantle a dog-fighting ring in New Jersey.  The raid culminated in eight arrests and the rescue of over 100 dogs. Despite the mission’s complexity and limited mobile mesh networking training time, over ten mesh networking devices were swiftly deployed and embedded with five teams of SWAT Officers to enable operational tracking during the multi-agency operation.

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The briefing and setup of these mesh devices took less than ten minutes. Each device was seamlessly paired with an operator’s smartphone over Bluetooth in a matter of seconds, providing immediate situational awareness of all the officers to the SWAT commander in the mobile command vehicle. As part of the operation, each mobile mesh device was distributed just before the raid and attached to the back of a SWAT team member’s vest. This quick and efficient integration of mobile mesh networking complemented existing communication systems, ensuring a comprehensive operational picture for command and control.

mobile mesh helps law enforcement

By providing real-time location tracking in complete silence (as opposed to voice radios), these devices increased operator safety by allowing them to operate more discreetly in a dynamic environment and eliminating the potential for friendly fire. Armed with the locations of disparate teams, facilitating efficient and accurate decision-making by the SWAT command and control element, the team maximized operational effectiveness.

In scenarios where radio traffic can become overwhelming or high-risk, mobile mesh networking offers a reliable alternative channel for text-based communication, freeing up voice channels for critical command and control functions. The SWAT team executed the mission efficiently, collaborating seamlessly with a dedicated group of mobile mesh networking advisors from the private sector, exemplifying a strong public-private collaboration.

Learn about how law enforcement teams can leverage mobile mesh networks here.

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