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Wildland firefighter wearing a helmet
Emergency ResponseWildland Fire

In a previous post on The Last Mile, we looked at some of the large technology trends that are poised to get funding across the nation and transform firefighting in 2022. I also discussed how the Biden Administration – seeing the increased frequency and severity of incredibly damaging wildfires –

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Emergency ResponseMilitary

Disclaimer for our readers: Since this article was written, TAK is now available on the Google Play Store. Users that need the military-grade capabilities and features of ATAK can reach out via their TAK administrator through for access to the military version of the application. The Android Team Awareness

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Soldier using smartphone before deployment

Dismounted warfighters and first responders carry all of the communications and situational awareness tools they need to coordinate activities with their teammates and superiors, request for assistance when in trouble, and maintain knowledge of what’s happening in their area of operations and location.  As communications technology becomes more and more

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defense operator with Pro X device on back
Emergency ResponseIndustrialMilitary

For teams using ATAK and other apps for situational awareness, goTenna Pro and Pro X mesh networking devices are now becoming a standard part of their communications equipment load. Once paired with a smartphone or other end user device, goTenna Pro’s mesh networking technology allows teams to maintain core mobile

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