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3 products to ruggedize and enhance your goTenna Pro deployment

For teams using ATAK and other apps for situational awareness, goTenna Pro and Pro X mesh networking devices are now becoming a standard part of their communications equipment load. Once paired with a smartphone or other end user device, goTenna Pro’s mesh networking technology allows teams to maintain core mobile app functionality even when access to a central cell, wifi, or satellite network is unavailable or impaired.

Each goTenna Pro device is a fraction of the size and weight of a traditional radio, making it simple to wear in multiple locations on your existing gear. However, as a Customer Experience Engineer with goTenna, I’ve worked with military and public safety organizations in particularly rugged environments, where additional deployment considerations are necessary for a successful mission. 

Here are three recommended accessories from trusted goTenna partners to protect your Pro on the go: 

goTenna Pouch from Mystery Ranch

goTenna Pouch from Mystery Ranch

Mystery Ranch has been producing packs and load carriage systems for almost two decades. Their durable construction methods protect equipment during military, wildland fire, and search and rescue missions. The Mystery Ranch goTenna Pouch not only protects your radio device, but also allows for standard MOLLE attachment to vests, packs, or any other PALS webbing. The Mystery Ranch goTenna Pouch retails for $25.

IMPCT Case from Juggernaut.Case

IMPCT Case from Juggernaut.Case 

While it’s important to secure your goTenna Pro device, it’s equally important to protect the smartphone running ATAK or your team’s preferred mobile app.  For the past twenty years, Juggernaut has brought their unique brand of “rugged, badass design” to a wide variety of mobile products, including cases, mounts, and cables. Check out their new line of IMPCT cases for Samsung and iPhone end user devices as well as the various  mounting options for increased ease-of-use in the field or in vehicles. The IMPCT Galaxy S9 case starts at $55. 

Solar-Powered Battery Pack

Solar-Powered Battery Pack

Each goTenna Pro should be fully charged before initial deployment via the micro-USB port found at the bottom of the device. However, missions longer than a day may require additional power, which can be an inconvenience in remote locations. We recommend using an external solar power bank that shuts off when it detects the goTenna Pro device (or even your smartphone) has been fully charged. If solar power isn’t an option, you might want to consider a heftier, but still portable, power station for continuous end user or relay node charging. 

Additional Tools to Consider for Your Mission

There are a variety of other tools you should consider having on hand to enhanceyour goTenna Pro experience in the field. We recommend having either packing or duct tape, a 550 paracord, and zip ties with you. If you’re on a larger team, these can all be stored in your goTenna Pro Deployment Kit. These items allow you to attach goTenna Pro relay nodes to high-altitude points, such as trees or towers, to increase network range.

Gear Up and Mobilize Your Deployment at SHOT Show

This month, the goTenna Pro team will be attending SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. With over 1,600 exhibitors for military, law enforcement, and other tactical gear, you won’t want to miss the chance to test goTenna Pro and Mystery Ranch accessories in person:  

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Nate Havens

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