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Edge Relay
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In a previous article, we discussed the recent release of goTenna’s exciting EdgeRelay solution and how this semi-permanent, ruggedized support node enables tactical operators to have mission-critical communications and situational awareness capabilities when and where the mission requires them. However, creating a system tough enough to handle the harsh conditions

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Emergency ResponseLaw EnforcementResource CenterWildland Fire

When first responders and emergency response personnel respond to natural disasters, we want them to be as prepared as possible. But, historically, disaster and emergency response personnel deployed with just a traditional voice radio. This gave them the ability to communicate and collaborate via voice only. And even that capability

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Soldier using smartphone before deployment

Dismounted warfighters and first responders carry all of the communications and situational awareness tools they need to coordinate activities with their teammates and superiors, request for assistance when in trouble, and maintain knowledge of what’s happening in their area of operations and location.  As communications technology becomes more and more

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