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The allure of selling solutions to the federal government and military is strong for entrepreneurial technology startups and innovative growth companies. Not only does the U.S. government have a significant budget set aside for innovative projects, but it also allows companies to contribute to a larger mission and purpose. These

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The government acquisition landscape can be daunting for even the most well-established commercial enterprises and businesses. For a startup company, getting a foot in the government procurement door can be even more challenging as businesses in their infancy struggle to take on the required overhead expenses of adding seasoned government

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Whether it’s from tight budgets or a lack of personnel, federal agencies have long struggled to accomplish incredibly important, massive missions because of a lack of resources. These inadequate resources have had dire consequences for Americans in the past – impacting agencies’ abilities to inspect food processing plants, and even

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Tactical law enforcement using the goTenna Pro app on their smartphones during a training exercise
Law Enforcement

Cities and governments across the world are leveraging connected devices to help improve public safety, environmental friendliness, and constituent experience. These smart cities, including Singapore and Boston, are using Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices to support their first responders. From digital signage and smart traffic to utility monitoring and connected

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