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Webinar | Testing goTenna Pro X Mesh Networks in a Dense Forest

Join Mike Gibbs, Senior Forward-Deployed Engineer at goTenna as he discusses his mesh network field test findings. During the test, his team was able to test goTenna Pro X mesh network range through moderate to heavy densities of vegetation at shoulder, canopy-level as well as above vegetation via a drone relay node. All measurements and observations during the field tests were conducted in an environment absent of any additional backhaul means or methods. The testing was intended to simulate an off-grid communications network for emergency personnel or military operators who typically need a form of situational awareness without relying on cell or satellite service.

The video includes the results from the following field tests:

1 | Point-to-Point: Through Ground Vegetation

2 | One-Hop Relay: Base Station / Relay

3 | Point-to-Point: goTenna with Bunker Case

4 | Drone Relay: Base Station / Relay (Drone)


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Natalia Kossobokova

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