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Virtual Demo | goTenna Pro for Tactical Law Enforcement

Tactical law enforcement units operate in congested urban areas, in and out of buildings and vehicles, and even in remote locations. No matter the mission, communications tools are essential to maintaining situational awareness and a low visibility profile — but what happens when cell, wifi, and radio networks become unreliable or insecure and access to critical comms are lost?

Watch the goTenna team in their first-ever virtual demonstration of goTenna Pro’s mesh networking technology for tactical law enforcement. In this demo, you’ll learn how goTenna Pro’s lightweight, tactical-grade radio devices can augment officers’ existing comms tools. These mesh networking devices provide team-wide situational awareness through text-based messaging, location tracking, and map marking in the most complex, comms-denied environments. 

What to expect from the demo: 

  • How goTenna Pro mesh networking radio devices and paired mobile applications work
  • How tactical law enforcement units are using goTenna Pro today
  • How to maximize goTenna Pro network range with relay nodes and aerial assets 
  • How to backhaul map and messaging data from the field to command  
  • Which accessories and gear help protect your devices during deployments  
  • A recording of the live Q&A 
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The Author

Cale Teeter-Gregg

Cale Teeter-Gregg

Cale Teeter-Gregg is the Vice President of Federal Sales at goTenna. He has over 20 years of experience working in homeland security, defense, and public safety. Prior to goTenna, he served as Senior Strategic Homeland Security Planner for the Brazos Valley Region in Texas, where he supported emergency communications, mitigation, and response plans for six federally declared disasters. Cale also holds two master’s degrees; one in Homeland Security with an emphasis on Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection from the Naval Postgraduate School, and another in Biology with an emphasis on Bio-Warfare from Texas Tech University.

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