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Tactical law enforcement operators with mounted mobile phones and goTenna Pro
MilitaryResource Center

Tactical law enforcement units operate in congested urban areas, in and out of buildings and vehicles, and even in remote locations. No matter the mission, communications tools are essential to maintaining situational awareness and a low visibility profile — but what happens when cell, wifi, and radio networks become unreliable

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Holding mobile phone to take photo in stadium
Law Enforcement

Watching live sports at a packed stadium can be phenomenal: the action on the field, the roar of the crowd. But hundreds of fans in one place can also prove to be a nightmare of poor cell service and congested networks — posing difficult communications challenges for the security teams

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Overview of stadium field and crowd
Resource Center

Festivals, concerts, and sporting events require constant partnership between public safety agencies and private security organizations. Far too often, we’ve seen how a lack of reliable and interoperable communication between agency partners has resulted in greater tragedy during unplanned emergencies. In this webinar, you will learn how to build a

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