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Whitepaper | Remote situational awareness for special operations forces

Today’s connectivity allows each person to extend their scope of awareness well beyond their immediate environment. Without being physically present in a location, we can know the weather, check traffic, and receive updated news from nearly anywhere in the world. Remote situational awareness (RSA) — the ability to perceive beyond our immediate environment — is now fundamental to our everyday decision making.

For some, RSA is more than a way to optimize a daily routine, it is the difference between safety and danger. Every day, Special Operations Forces (SOF) are tasked with carrying out critical operations which are hazardous, require precise coordination between teams and resources, and demand that decisions are made in real-time.

While RSA is vital at multiple levels of the operation, from the commander to the operator, these missions are often conducted in off-grid, austere environments where standard connectivity is not possible between these entities. To address this connectivity challenge, low-bandwidth wireless technologies can provide essential communications where otherwise not possible.

In this whitepaper, we will overview how RSA tools and low-bandwidth connectivity are fundamentally impacting the safety and performance of SOF operations, and how RSA can be applied to core special operations activities in order to enhance team situational awareness, command and control, and survivability.

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The Author

Wes Bryant

Wes Bryant

Wes J. Bryant is the special operations forces business development lead at goTenna. He is co-author of the book Hunting the Caliphate: America’s War on ISIS and the Dawn of the Strike Cell—a first-person account of the campaign against ISIS. In addition to business development, he is an independent speaker and media contributor in the realms of defense and foreign policy, the war on terror, and veterans advocacy.

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