goTenna demonstrates mesh networking capabilities at Modern Warfare Week

Last November, the goTenna team had an opportunity to demonstrate the mesh networking capabilities of the goTenna Pro X at Modern Warfare Week, a week-long exposition and demo event hosted by Global SOF Foundation. The demonstration took place roughly 30 minutes outside of Fort Bragg, North Carolina at The Range Complex (TRC), a multi-use outdoor space for industry vendors to demonstrate the various products, tools, and technologies available to the modern warfighter.

Following two days of static display at the Modern Warfare Week exposition, the demo day provided the goTenna team with an opportunity to demonstrate the mesh networking capabilities of the goTenna Pro X live in the field. Conducted over the course of a day, the goTenna team’s overall objective was to showcase the overall modularity of the goTenna product suite, from the small form factor of the goTenna Pro X to the power of goTenna Pro X relays. An additional objective for the team was to test and demonstrate goTenna Pro X air-to-ground network capabilities by attaching a goTenna Pro X to a drone. 

Invitation to watch or listen to the goTenna Virtual Demo for Military Operations

The climate during the day-long demonstration was relatively mild with scattered rain and temperatures sitting around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The terrain at TRC was flat with minimal rolling hills and open line-of-sight. The edges of the complex, which separate the complex from the main roads, contained a significant and dense treeline presenting a perfect opportunity for the team to test the vegetation penetration of the goTenna Pro X. The main command center was located at the demo tent near the entrance of TRC.

Aerial map of The Range Complex, courtesy of GSOF.

During the demonstration, the team utilized 9 goTenna Pro X radios in total, 4 of which were set as relays and placed in strategic points within and around the complex. The team utilized a goKit 2 at the demo tent which served as the network’s central command and control hub. The team also set up relays at a farmhouse located approximately 2.5 kilometers east of the demo tent as well as areas north of the demo tent. The demonstration lasted roughly 8 hours in total with continuous and uninterrupted connectivity throughout the entire duration.

Operational coverage of the goTenna network via ATAK.

For the UAV portion of the demonstration, a goTenna Pro X device and a smartphone were taped to the inside of a bowl-shaped payload compartment of a small-sized drone. The drone was sent up to about 80 feet AGL for flight. The team achieved a single-hop range of about 4 kilometers during flight time. 

A goTenna Pro X and a mobile device were attached to the inside of a drone payload compartment with tape.

Mike Gibbs, Associate Director of Customer Experience at goTenna, noted that the most significant takeaway he gathered from observers was their reaction to the size and power of the goTenna Pro X radio. 

“It’s surprising to see such a powerful little radio with such a small form factor,” Gibbs added. 

As for the overall day, Gibbs noted that he accomplished everything he intended to and is excited to return in 2023. “For the size of the audience, this demo was perfect,” he said. “The range was convenient for use, so I think our prep and response were awesome for the conditions we had.” 

To learn more about the role of mobile mesh in countering the UAV threat, click HERE.

Invitation to watch read whitepaper on remote situational awareness using mesh networks and other low-bandwidth solutions


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