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As modernization and digital transformation initiatives continue to take hold across the federal government, the need for connectivity and critical communications in the field only increases. To help ensure that warfighters, tactical operators, and first responders operating in off-grid locations can stay connected, government, military, commercial and nonprofit organizations turn

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Notional photo of a U.S. military soldier using goTenna Pro mesh networking radio device in the field for off-grid communications
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Join Wes Bryant, SOF Business Development Lead at goTenna as he presents a 10-minute Tech Talk on Remote Situational Awareness (RSA) during DSI’s 9th Annual SOF and Worldwide Operations Symposium on December 10th, 2020. Bryant discusses how to integrate low-bandwidth mesh networking technologies into tactical communications, command, and control. He

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Mobile mesh networks provide device-to-device connectivity when centralized infrastructure is either unreliable or unavailable. Whether each network “node” is mobile or not, the defining features of mesh networks — decentralized, infrastructure-less, routing over multiple “hops” — have manifested themselves over the last several decades in different forms, for different applications,

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