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FEMA working to help natural disasters
Emergency Response

Americans know the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for helping citizens respond to and recover from emergency situations and natural disasters. The agency has the incredibly essential job of helping Americans recover from things like wildfires, hurricanes, mass flooding, and other devastating occurrences that destroy property, lives, and communities. When

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Emergency ResponseLaw Enforcement

Whether an 18-wheeler containing hundreds of pounds of hazardous material crashes on a highway or a category 4 hurricane hits a coastal town leaving a trail of devastation in its wake, the first 15 minutes after a disaster are by far the most critical in any response operation.  While each

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This Image depicts the differences between goTenna Mesh and goTenna Pro X. goTenna Pro X is used for emergency response, public safety, Military, and law enforcement. goTenna Mesh is used for recreational activities such as hiking, camping, or attending events with large crowds.
Emergency ResponseLaw EnforcementMilitaryResource Center

goTenna Mesh is designed for your personal use during outdoor trips, international travel, emergency preparedness, festivals, and crowded events. Check the full tech specs for goTenna Mesh here.  Meanwhile, goTenna Pro X is designed for professional teams who require a product that is more powerful, operational, and ruggedized than goTenna

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Bernalillo County
Emergency ResponseLaw EnforcementWildland Fire

When the Bernalillo County Sheriff Department’s (BCSD) Metro Air Support Unit (MASU) receives a search and rescue call from dispatch, time, speed, and, most importantly, situational awareness (SA) are crucial, make-or-break factors that determine the outcome of a critical incident. To add pressure to an already intense situation, New Mexico’s

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Emergency ResponseLaw EnforcementMilitaryWildland Fire

The civilian version of the U.S. military’s situational awareness application, ATAK, is officially released so any team around the world can take advantage of its leading tools for teamwide command and control — completely free of charge. The Team Awareness Kit for Android (often referred to as CivTAK or TAK-CIV)

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Soldier using smartphone before deployment

Dismounted warfighters and first responders carry all of the communications and situational awareness tools they need to coordinate activities with their teammates and superiors, request for assistance when in trouble, and maintain knowledge of what’s happening in their area of operations and location.  As communications technology becomes more and more

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police officers with smart phones
Law Enforcement

Public safety agencies and organizations across the globe are becoming increasingly smartphone-centric. In a recent webinar hosted by the International Public Safety Association, panelist Dale Stockton said, “When you consider the sheer utility and overall functionality, [smartphones] have become the tech equivalent of the proverbial Swiss Army knife.”  It’s this

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water rescue from helicopter
Resource Center

Mobile devices and applications are increasingly critical to day-to-day public safety operations, but many organizations are unprepared in the event cell phone connectivity — and access to these new tools — becomes unreliable or unavailable. New advancements in mobile and wireless communications are now allowing emergency response and recovery teams

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rescuers on boat on flooded street
Emergency ResponseLaw Enforcement

In my home state of Texas, we’ve experienced three “five hundred year floods” in just the past few years. And that’s a similar story to what we’re hearing across the country, where flooding, wildfires, hurricanes and other natural disasters are seemingly increasing in frequency. But they’re not just happening more

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